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Rhys Harnish Outside Shore Club

Nova Scotia History and Tradition

Step into days gone by at the Shore Club in Hubbards, Nova Scotia, with its unique character, nostalgic décor and a track record of Maritime hospitality that is a proud tradition. Today, Rhys Harnish, a third generation Harnish (with son Luke close behind), continues the legacy started by his father, Roy, in 1946, that of […]

U.S.S. Chesapeake

The Sinking of the Chesapeake

Letter from Captain Philip Broke to Captain the Hon. T. Bladen. SHANNON, Halifax, June 6, 1813 Sir, I have the honour to inform you, that being close in with Boston light-house in H.M.S. under my command, on the 1st inst. I had the pleasure of seeing the US frigate, Chesapeake (whom we had long been […]

Plated Lobster at the Shore Club, NS

The Humble Origins of Lobster Traditions

The Shore Club opened in August of 1946. The first major panic came when Roy and Lois Harnish discovered they did not have any ashtrays. On the menu that first night were tuna sandwiches, and the cans were quickly converted into ashtrays – problem solved. Next problem – there were no tablecloths. Lois had a […]

Lobster Gilbert

Lobster Gilbert – Hypnotist

When the Shore Club opened in 1946, Gilbert MacLean was the lobster cook – a position he held for 40 years. Gilbert loved to entertain, and it was not uncommon to have large groups of people out around the lobster pot listening to his stories and jokes. He is credited for introducing the art of […]

Art Over Fireplace

Local Art Embraced

The painting above the fireplace was painted by local artist Brenton Homans. Brenton attended N.S. College of Art and Design during the mid 1930’s, and went on to establish a successful art career – primarily in oil painting. His work can be found in many local homes, as well as throughout North America. The painting […]

Roy Harnish, Shore Club, Hubbards

Kicking It Old School

In May of 1946, Roy Harnish dug a large hole in his cow pasture overlooking Hubbards Cove. His dream was to build a sparkling new Dance Hall for the Summer ‘swing set’. On August 24th – some three months later, the Shore Club opened to the sounds of the Git Cunningham Orchestra – featuring the […]

The Very First Lobster Supper

On August 5th, 1936, Guy Harnish had been asked to cater a Lobster Supper for the National Gyro Club Convention. In his cattle barn, Guy had been using a large copper kettle as a feed trough for the cows. The copper kettle had been the cook pot aboard the US frigate “The Chesapeake”. During a […]