The Very First Lobster Supper

Original-Shore-ClubOn August 5th, 1936, Guy Harnish had been asked to cater a Lobster Supper for the National Gyro Club Convention. In his cattle barn, Guy had been using a large copper kettle as a feed trough for the cows. The copper kettle had been the cook pot aboard the US frigate “The Chesapeake”. During a famous battle on June 1, 1813, the British ship “The Shannon” sailed into Boston Harbor and challenged The Chesapeake. The battle lasted only 15 minutes, with the victorious Shannon towing the Chesapeake back to Halifax, where her chattels were sold at public auction.

A short clip on the history of the pot (but you will have to watch a short ad first).

The large copper cook pot ended up in the possession of Guy Harnish, and in 1936 cooked it’s first meal in over 120 years. The Lobster Supper was a great success, and soon other groups were looking for an authentic feed of lobsters. When the Shore Club was built in 1946, the Lobster Suppers were moved indoors, as you can not always rely on the weather.