Terry Fox Forever

Terry Fox Run

Perhaps the greatest Canadian of all times, and definitely the greatest athlete the World has ever seen. He did not pitch strikeouts, score goals, or kick converts; instead he set out on a frigid April morning in 1980, from St. John’s Newfoundland with a goal to run across Canada to raise money for Cancer Research. He was a 20-year old man who had just lost a leg to cancer, and while he lay in the cancer ward, he swore that “Somehow the hurting must stop”. His goal was to raise $1 for every Canadian citizen (24 Million in 1980).

He ran 143 Marathons in 144 days – a feat that will probably never be duplicated, and even more astounding considering that he had one artificial leg. On the 144th day he was just outside Thunder Bay, Ontario when he was forced to end his Run, as cancer had spread into his lungs. Shortly after, cancer took his life.

In September of 1981 the Terry Fox “Marathon of Hope” was started to finish off Terry’s dream. Every September in communities of all sizes, throughout Canada, and around the world, the Terry Fox Run is still a cherished event. In 2005 to mark the 25th Anniversary of the Terry Fox Run, the Canadian mint made an unprecedented move by putting Terry Fox on the Canadian $1 coin. No other Canadian citizen has ever been on a coin.

The Shore Club is very proud to host the Terry Fox Run each September, and we were able to get a batch of uncirculated Terry Fox coins. We have packaged these in plastic pouches attached to a commemorative card. As a fund raiser for Terry Fox we will give you one of these coins for each donation of $20 or more. You will also receive a charitable receipt from the Terry Fox Foundation. Ask your waitress or go to the bar to make your donation, and remember… Cancer does not discriminate – the time to give is now.