Art Over Fireplace

Local Art Embraced

The painting above the fireplace was painted by local artist Brenton Homans. Brenton attended N.S. College of Art and Design during the mid 1930’s, and went on to establish a successful art career – primarily in oil painting. His work can be found in many local homes, as well as throughout North America. The painting […]

Terry Fox Run

Terry Fox Forever

Perhaps the greatest Canadian of all times, and definitely the greatest athlete the World has ever seen. He did not pitch strikeouts, score goals, or kick converts; instead he set out on a frigid April morning in 1980, from St. John’s Newfoundland with a goal to run across Canada to raise money for Cancer Research. […]

Roy Harnish, Shore Club, Hubbards

Kicking It Old School

In May of 1946, Roy Harnish dug a large hole in his cow pasture overlooking Hubbards Cove. His dream was to build a sparkling new Dance Hall for the Summer ‘swing set’. On August 24th – some three months later, the Shore Club opened to the sounds of the Git Cunningham Orchestra – featuring the […]

The Very First Lobster Supper

On August 5th, 1936, Guy Harnish had been asked to cater a Lobster Supper for the National Gyro Club Convention. In his cattle barn, Guy had been using a large copper kettle as a feed trough for the cows. The copper kettle had been the cook pot aboard the US frigate “The Chesapeake”. During a […]