Kicking It Old School

Roy Harnish, Shore Club, Hubbards

In May of 1946, Roy Harnish dug a large hole in his cow pasture overlooking Hubbards Cove. His dream was to build a sparkling new Dance Hall for the Summer ‘swing set’.

On August 24th – some three months later, the Shore Club opened to the sounds of the Git Cunningham Orchestra – featuring the Williams Sisters on vocals. The dances were an immediate hit, and to this day, every Summer Saturday night there is a Live band on stage. The construction of the Shore Club was put in the hands of Boyd Adams and his crew of 5 men from the Mahone Bay area. They were ship builders, and were recently laid off following their work on the War effort.

With the War just over, the government was dismantling the base at Debert N.S., and that is where much of the material in the Shore Club originated. Our beautiful hardwood floor came from there as well as the glass in the windows. If you notice the overlap in the centre of each window – they were installed this way, because this was the size of the windows in Debert.