You Don’t Dress Up To Eat Lobster

Check out this great mini documentary shot by our friends at Format Films, featuring the Shore Club and local fishermen. Enjoy!

Format Films Halifax

Nova Scotia, Canada is famous for it’s lobster, it’s famous for a lot of things and should be famous for even more and it’s our mission to uncover the great things this province has to offer that just go unnoticed. This 5 minute film features the Shore Club, down in Hubbards. They serve fresh lobster, in it’s simplest form & the fact that people return so often is testament to their knowledge of lobster and how they know their customer……quite often, personally. The Shore Club is a period building from the 40s, it retains it’s original feel and it oozes history.Jordan Harnish is a new young breed of lobster fishermen, he often works alone & he’s totally dedicated to his trade. The name ‘Harnish’ has a long history in the Hubbards area, most of the inhabitants seem to have the surname, but that’s probably the topic of another film.Hope you enjoy this, it was a blast to create and we look forward to making more.